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You are specialists at the CDC/Atlanta where you watch several virulent diseases break out simultaneously all over the world. The team mission is to prevent a worldwide pandemic outbreak, treating hot spots while researching cures for each of the four plagues before they get out of hand.

Players must plan their strategy to mesh their specialists' strengths before the diseases overwhelm the world. For example, the Operations Expert can build research stations which are needed to find cures for the diseases. The Scientist needs only 4 cards of a particular disease to cure it instead of the normal 5. But the diseases are breaking out fast and time is running out: the team must try to stem the tide of infection in diseased areas while developing cures. If disease spreads uncontrolled, the players all lose. If they can cure all four diseases, they win.

The board shows earth with some big population centres. On each turn a player can use four actions to travel, cure, discover and build. Cards are used for this but the deck also contains Epidemics...

The 2013 edition was entirely redesigned and includes two new roles: The Contingency Planner and the Quarantine Specialist.

  • 2-4 players
  • Ages 10 and up
  • 60 minute playing time
  • Cooperative game


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  One of the Best Co-ops
Joseph F of Oregon, 9/26/2013
If your family has a hard time enjoying because of hyper competitiveness, a cooperative game might be good for your family. This is one of the first and "classic" cooperative games of the modern board game world. The world is being afflicted with several diseases and the players try to stop and cure the diseases before they get out of control and wipe out humanity. Each player is a specialist that must use their specialists' strength to combat and cure the diseases before outbreaks get out of control.
Good for two to four players and doesn't take too long. You can scale the game's difficulty to be enjoyable for all.
  Cooperative Fun
Matt Winckler of WA, 3/2/2011
A solidly fun cooperative game that is fairly approachable by non-gamers. Because all players are working together against the game itself, it is less threatening for those who dislike competition or who feel themselves disadvantaged in strategy games.