and the bull with the crooked tail

by Berta Hader, Elmer Hader
Publisher: Macmillan
©1942, Item: 91914
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A gay color picture book which tells the story of a small Mexican boy who quite unexpectedly became a hero.

Don Fernando, the richest man in the village, was angry, for a wild bull with a crooked tale was coaxing away the best cattle in his herd. He offered a purse of gold and a silver-trimmed saddle and a big new hat for his capture, and all the cowboys and riders from the countryside came to try to win the prize—but one by one they failed. Don Fernando grew angrier and angrier.

No one wanted to win the prize more than little Pancho, the potter's son, but he had no swift horse nor fine lasso to capture a bull. And then, one day, as he was coming along the road with his burro laden with pots—down the road came the roaring bull. How Pancho captured the bull and won the prize makes an exciting story.

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