by Holling Clancy Holling
Publisher: Houghton Mifflin
Trade Paperback, 59 pages
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This book tells an intriguing story of a little carved Indian-in-a-canoe that (with kindly help of many people along the way) floats through the Great Lakes water system and on to the sea. Much of the story involves geographical descriptions, and also includes maps, diagrams of a sawmill, canal lock, lake freighter, etc. Every facing page is a beautiful full-color painting of scenes related to the voyage.

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Summary: Kids learn about waterways and how humans harness them while following the adventures of a wooden Indian on the Great Lakes.

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  The Journey of A Lifetime
Caleb of Newberg, 8/8/2016
A young Indian boy has finished his paddle-person at last, a foot long carving of an indian in a canoe. He set Paddle on a snowbank so when it melted Paddle would be carried into a river that would take him to the sea. Paddle's journey to the sea is very long indeed, but many people help him along. To find out if he ever reaches the sea read this book yourself. It has much information in it's margins.
  Story of Bravery
Noah (age 8) of Oregon, 6/9/2016
Paddle to the Sea is a very good book because it shows a boy making a one-foot-long little Indian Paddle Boat called Paddle to the Sea. The boy put a toy Indian in it and set it in the snow where it would start to melt. The next morning, he was just in time to see the Indian rush down the melting snow! After a few months, the Indian came to the great lake. One time, he went into a small lake and on one side there was a forest fire and animals were running across the lake, getting super wet. Birds were flying to the other side, too. The Paddle to the Sea was saved because the waves did not carry him to shore. If they would have, he would have been burned up because he was wood! Whenever someone saw Paddle to the Sea, the person would write on the bottom of it and put it back in the water because it was suppose to go to the sea. If you want to find out more about this exciting book, you should read it! I love this book!