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P&R stands for Presbyterian & Reformed Publishing. Founded in 1930 by Samuel G. Craig and J. Gresham Machen, P&R has approximately 250 titles in print, with an average of 30 new titles per year.

In the last few years, P&R has begun to publish a series of children's books, their Classics for Young Readers Series. These are streamlined editions of the titles that trim away outdated language so that the plots and characters can take center stage, yet faithfully keep the Christian essence so often lost in modern versions.

Along with each of these books, they have released a study guide, designed to encourage teachers and students to interact with some of the greatest children's literature ever written. Introduce your students to the timeless classics of days gone by and watch them discover characters who serve as models of integrity and Christian virtue. Each reproducible guide contains vocabulary exercises, thought-provoking discussion questions, and creative activities. Students will learn to explore the texts more deeply and more personally experience the life and times of the characters. Please note that you do not need to use their editions of the books: any unabridged version will do.

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Faerie Gold - A Guide for Teachers and Students
by Ranelda Mack Hunsicker
from P&R Publishing
for 4th-8th grade
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