Oxford Children's History of the World

Oxford Children's History of the World

by Neil Grant
Publisher: Usborne
Hardcover, 192 pages
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A single-volume, sumptuously illustrated history of the world specifically designed for grade schoolers, this readable volume follows the evolution of humankind from the earliest colonization of the world to the beginning of the new millennium.

This beautiful book is made truly accessible to children. Organized chronologically in five sections, it contains a series of double-page spreads, each focusing on a major historical period. Whether it is Medieval Africa or the Ottoman Empire, or Louis XIV's Europe or American Independence that strikes your fancy, you will find it here. Color maps, illustrations, drawings, and photographs add information and make the easily digestible text even more accessible and visually appealing. Feature boxes look more closely into specific subjects and historical figures like Marco Polo, pilgrimage, or the Korean War. Each section concludes with illustrated "Who's Who" and "Timeline" segments, which present a quick survey of the most significant events and personalities of the period and allow a comparison between regions at a glance. A glossary and comprehensive index wrap up this helpful reference.

Written from a global perspective, The Oxford Children's History of the World recounts the important events in the development of civilizations not only in Europe but also in the Americas, Africa, and Asia. Up-to-date, thorough, and imaginatively illustrated in full color, it is the perfect introduction to social studies for children.

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