Othello - Student's Companion

Othello - Student's Companion

by Robert W. Watson
Publisher: Smarr Publishers
©2006, Item: 21883
Consumable Workbook, 18 pages
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Othello is much more than a story of love, jealousy, and revenge. The play is a rich study of contrasts between intangible qualities and mortal characters. Evil is plotted in the dark, Desdemona is constantly seen as light, and order is always tending towards disorder. The contrasting themes of order with disorder and light with darkness are important to the play and should be carefully noted when read in Othello. As is usual with Shakespeare, the plot is borrowed from an existing source. In this case, the plot of Othello comes from the Hecatomnithi written by Giraldi Cinthio, published in Venice, Italy, in 1565. However, Shakespeare does offer many innovations to Cinthio's work. While Cinthio's version stresses the unwise choice of Desdemona for marrying a Moor who was different in race and religion, Shakespeare gives his Moor a name, a noble character, and a deep soul-like love for his wife. The ending of Othello is completely Shakespeare's genius.

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In this guide Mr. Watson makes assertions as fact that may be considered highly controversial. We have included the most notable examples below.

Most people think that racism has something to do with disliking an ethnic group and depriving this group of people certain rights and privileges in a society. This activity may be discrimination or prejudice, but it certainly is not racism. In the real world where Hollywood and the mass media have no effect, people dislike others not because of the color of skin, but because of the political and ethical views held. page 1

The division of mankind into races is the invention of evolutionists, who are racists of the worst sort. page 2
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