Oscar Otter

Oscar Otter

An I Can Read Book Level 1
by Nathaniel Benchley, Arnold Lobel (Illustrator)
Publisher: HarperCollins
Mass market paperback, 64 pages
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Oscar Otter builds his very own slide, far up in the mountains. No one can bother him there. Not even his family. But Oscar doesn't know he is in danger. His enemy, the fox, is watching. But what the fox doesn't know is that someone is watching him . . .

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Summary: Oscar Otter disregards his father's advice as he builds a slide far from safety. He soon runs into danger!

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  Silly Beaver!
Hallel of Wisconsin, 6/27/2016
Oscar built a really, really, really big slide. Then he was chased by animals as he slid down. Then at the bottom he saw a beaver and asked him to move the tree, but he built a ramp instead, so Oscar could slide up the ramp into the water, but the other animals bonked their heads!