Original Home Schooling Series - 6 volume set

Original Home Schooling Series - 6 volume set

by Charlotte M. Mason
Trade Paperback, 2400 pages
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This is the original "Pink" collection published by Charlotte Mason Research & Supply Co. Long out-of-print, used sets are still in high demand and can be fairly pricey! Recently, Living Book Press has republished the contents of these volumes in new sets--both a floral collection and a "gradient" collection if your style is more modern/minimalist. While we will still offer these when we get them, we refer you to the others if you have more immediate need.

"This is the six-volume set of Charlotte Mason's original writing. Although Charlotte began writing in the 1880's, her principles for "bringing up" children still apply today. Charlotte's writings will challenge your thinking. Her books are not easy or light reading. Because they are meaty, whatever ideas are picked up by the reader radiate brilliantly in the thoughts of those who ponder them. Charlotte speaks from a lifetime of experience with children. Each idea is accompanied by a practical 'how to' offering heartfelt guidance. When we sift through the 2400 pages of the set we find specific pearls of wisdom to suit our needs. From my years of reading Charlotte's books I have gleaned advice on how to teach things like reading, writing, history and nature study. Charlotte's insights have helped me to awaken within my children a love and appreciation of music, art, poetry, and classic literature. It is on her books that my own book, A Charlotte Mason Companion, is based. Perhaps Companion will whet your appetite to read more of what Charlotte had to say about what makes a well-educated, well-brought-up child." — Karen Andreola


  1. Home Education
  2. Parents and Children
  3. School Education
  4. Ourselves
  5. Formation of Character
  6. A Philosophy of Education

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  Review of "Home Education" Bk 1
Mystie Winckler of WA, 2/18/2011
I liked the title: Home Education: Training and Educating Children under Nine. Yes, under nine she assumes are best suited to learning at home under their mother’s care rather than at school under a master. Miss Mason posits that children can and should give full attention to their work in short bursts, rather than drawn out “desultory” reading and thinking. With short but intense chunks of work done in the morning, alternating types of application required (10 minutes of listening to quality reading, then narrating, then 10 minutes of a discipline like copywork or math, then 10 minutes again of reading and narrating, etc.), a full and quality education can be had in a couple morning hours, leaving the majority of the day open for hobbies, out-of-doors, and free play, which are productive and necessary activities for children.

From this book I have a better idea of how to secure attention (it comes from the child knowing he will be accountable to relate the information in his own words, every time), how to draw out a narration, and how to instill habits of order and “easy living.” I also feel reassured that a solid, meaty education can be had with only a couple hours a day spent in lessons. Quantity of time and work does not a quality education make. A quality education is made with quality books and quality thinking, done in short bursts of complete application.