Origin of Species Revisited Volume I

Origin of Species Revisited Volume I

The Theories of Evolution and of Abrupt Appearance

by W. R. Bird
Hardcover, 551 pages
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The Origin of Species Revisited is a comprehensive, thoroughly documented investigation of one of the great ongoing battles of this or any age: Darwin's theory of evolution versus the theory of creation and the theory of abrupt appearance.

WR. Bird, who argued the major case on the issue before the U.S. Supreme Court, presents an in depth comparison of the two theories, in two volumes containing 2000 quotations and 5,400 footnotes.

Volume I assesses scientific claims of the two chief views concerning the origins of the universe, the first life, and plants and animals. It sketches punctuationist, macromutationist, neutral selectionist, structuralist, and other challenges to orthodox Darwinism, as well as the natural order systematics, transformed cladist, panspermia, discontinuitist, and creationist attacks on macroevolution.

Volume II compares the scientific, non-religious, historical, educational, and constitutional natures of the theory of evolution and the theory of abrupt appearance. It discusses the definitions of science and religion and their applicability to theories of origins, the educational rationale for alternative explanations and nonindoctrination, and the constitutional requirements of academic freedom and separation of church and state.

Mr. Bird's balanced and meticulous scholarship has received the praise of evolutionists and non-evolutionists alike.

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