Oregon Trail

Oregon Trail

Famous Books for Young Americans
by Francis Parkman Jr.
Publisher: A. L. Burt Company
©1912, Item: 80906
Hardcover, 420 pages
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A classic celebration of the pioneer spirit and the American westward expansion.

The Oregon Trail exuberantly documents Francis Parkman's 1846 expedition into the American wilderness. Observed with a reporter's eye and recorded in detail, the whole panorama of life on the Great Plains comes forth against the cruel indifference and majesty of the vast land itself—the emigrants with their "broad-brimmed hats, thin visages, and staring eyes" whose days were filled with hardship, and the Indians and buffalo whose demise Parkman foresaw.

This edition features a cover illustration by Remington Schuyler and a beautiful map of the Oregon Trail in green ink.

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