One Small Square

You don’t have to look very far to discover and learn about animals, plants, and the different places they can be found. These vibrantly illustrated little books explore small sections of many different habitats—a small patch of desert, a section from a tropical rainforest, a few square feet of coral reef—and reveal the extraordinary creatures that live in each. One Small Square books show you what happens in each habitat in daytime, nighttime, spring, summer, fall, and winter. It explores the secrets under every rock and stone, and the lives of each animal, and the purposes for every plant.

The text reads like a story, simple and engaging, ideal for the beginning reader or for reading aloud to younger children. In addition to having loads of exciting information on each habitat, these books also contain helpful suggestions for actually going out and exploring these habitats for yourself. With beautiful, detailed illustrations and some fun, basic experiments and activities, these books are full of scientific information as well as being fun, entertaining reads.

From the tiniest invertebrate of the swamp to the tallest tree of the rainforest, each creature has a significant role to play in their respective habitats. Although it does not have a Christian bias, One Small Square is an excellent introduction to the many amazing intricacies of God’s creation.

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One Small Square: Backyard
One Small Square
by Donald Silver, Patricia Wynne
from W. H. Freeman and Company
for 1st-3rd grade
in One Small Square (Location: SCI-1SS)
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