One Blood for Kids

One Blood for Kids

by Ken Ham (Author)
Publisher: Master Books
1st Edition, ©2018, ISBN: 9781683441205
Hardcover, 62 pages
List Price: $16.99 Sale Price: $13.59

One Blood for Kids will revolutionize your family's impact on today's culture!

Racism has already been solved biblically and now scientifically. The study of human genes from around the world has proven what the Bible confirms over and over again: All humans belong to one race.

When children understand what makes us all the same, they will no longer see just the differences! One Blood for Kids teaches:

  • the real history of the human race and cultural differences
  • how evolutionary science was misused to promote racial inequality
  • what God expects from us in how we treat each other no matter how different we may look.
  • why God's truth is the only real answer to battling racism because it targets the heart of a person something laws, education, and social rules cannot do.

Discussions about "race" are too often confused with political correctness or cultural buzzwords. Using One Blood for Kids, parents can have this difficult conversation with children in a way they can understand. Biblical unity will begin to transform homes, churches and communities as these truths are accepted and practiced!

Apologetics powerhouse, Ken Ham starts with the Garden of Eden to offer children, teens, and parents a biblical foundation for relationships with people of varying skin tones and cultures. He reveals racism and prejudice as sin and God as the only solution.

This children's book is a critical teaching resource for every Christian family, church library, and children's ministry.

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