One Big Open Sky

One Big Open Sky

by Lesa Cline-Ransome
Publisher: Holiday House
List Price: $18.99 Sale Price: $16.14

Three female voices narrate a perilous wagon journey westward that could set them free—or cost them everything they have—in this inter-generational novel that explores the history of the Black homesteader movement. 1879, Mississippi. Young dreamer Lettie may have her head in the stars, but her body is on a covered wagon heading westward. Her father, Thomas, promises that Nebraska will be an opportunity for their family to claim the independence they've strived for over generations on their very own plot of land. But Thomas's hopes—and mouth—are bigger than his ability to follow through. His desire for control overpowers his common sense. With few supplies and even less money, the only thing that feels certain is danger.

Although free from slavery, Lettie; her mother, Sylvia; and young teacher Philomena are still constrained by poverty, limited access to opportunity, and restrictions put on women. But will they even survive the perils of their journey to fight these barriers?

Coretta Scott King Honor-winning author Lesa Cline-Ransome's striking verse masterfully portrays an under-represented historical era. Tackling powerful themes of autonomy and Black self-emancipation, Cline-Ransome offers readers an expansive portrait of three generations striving for their promised freedom.

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