On the Journey to Open a New School: One Step at a Time

On the Journey to Open a New School: One Step at a Time

A Comprehensive Review of the Functional Steps Required to Start a New Private or Charter School

by Brenda J. Travis
Publisher: Brenda J. Travis
Softcover, 109 pages
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On the Journey to Open a New School: One Step at a Time is a unique handbook because it offers a comprehensive, detailed review of the functional steps required to start a school. It is useful to individuals, preschool developers, and religious and other community-based organizations that wish to start private or charter schools. Through the voice of experience, readers will develop a thorough understanding of what will be involved when they embark on the journey to open a new school. From conducting initial research to determine community wants and needs, to preparing for opening day, and everything in between, this easy-to-read, motivating, and empowering handbook explains it all.

This handbook is based on the author’s personal experience as a new school developer and is packed with helpful information that will help new school developers make their visions a reality. The appendix includes a list of national resources and nearly 30 key organizational and administrative sample documents that readers may modify and use accordingly. Sample documents include: vision/mission statements; research/marketing survey; location/facility identification considerations; summary of facility/space requirements; comprehensive business plan outline (including detailed personnel plan); charter school development and proposal considerations; project task list; marketing and fundraising strategies; detailed financial documents; school crisis plan, operations, faculty, and student handbook outlines; administrative forms list; curriculum overview; admissions forms; administrative and student calendars; extensive resources list; and much more! This handbook is considered a much-needed, must-have, and one of a kind resource.

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