Omnibus I - Secondary Books (minus Narnia books)

Omnibus I - Secondary Books (minus Narnia books)

by Various Authors
Publisher: Veritas Press
Item: 9011
Curriculum Bundle
List Price: $105.95 Our Price: $90.05

Includes, at 15% discount, all of the secondary books used in the first and second semesters of the Veritas Press Omnibus I (except for the selected books of the Bible and Lewis' Chronicles of Narnia books):

Secondary Books—First Semester

Secondary Books—Second Semester

If you do not have Lewis' Chronicles of Narnia books and would like to buy them along with the rest of these secondary books, see the complete First Semester and Second Semester bundles, or add the Narnia set of your choice:

Mass-Market Boxed Set (b/w illustrations)

Quality Softcover Boxed Set (better binding, color illustrations)

Hardcover Boxed Set (b/w illustrations)

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The discount on this item cannot be combined with other discounts or specials. Used items disqualify a kit from the discount. Partial returns are allowed, less the discount amount.

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