OLSAT Test Prep Level A

OLSAT Test Prep Level A

by Amanda S. McMahan, Michael O. Baker
Consumable Workbook, 118 pages
Price: $24.99

The Otis-Lennon School Ability Test® (OLSAT®), published by Pearson Education Inc., measures cognitive abilities relating to success in school. The test has several levels that correspond to different grade levels or age ranges. The test is comprised of two main sections: Verbal and Nonverbal. Each of these is further broken into specific sections that vary by level and include a mix of reasoning and thinking activities.

The OLSAT® is one of the most commonly used assessments for identifying gifted children during elementary school-age years—as an entrance test to a talented and gifted program; or as a prescriptive assessment tool to find student strengths and deficiencies. In short, the OLSAT® has the capability to answer many questions regarding your student’s abilities across both verbal and nonverbal spectrums.

Most test preparation products try to mimic sample problems provided by the test publisher. They offer smaller, cheaper practice activities—often without proper instruction of the concepts being assessed—to try to prep students for the test. This teaching-to-the-test approach leaves students vulnerable to variations of problems that they are likely to encounter in a test.

The authors of this book analyzed the thinking skills and academic concepts targeted in the OLSAT® Level A to create a powerful test prep product that teaches beyond the test.  It also improves students’ critical thinking skills so they also perform better in school.

Our test preparation approach is to provide students:

  • Instructions on targeted test skills
  • Important test scoring strategy
  • Four Practice Tests--enough spiraling practice questions to help students feel confident in the skills being tested.
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