Olde World Maps Combo-Pak

Olde World Maps Combo-Pak

by Amy Pak
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This product is no longer available in CD form, but the downloadable version can be purchased from the publisher here (affiliate link).

The folks at Home School in the Woods have taken the Olde World Style maps from the Record of Time timeline notebook and expanded them into two sets!

These CD-ROMs (both Mac & PC compatible) contain over300 PDF pages for maps and Notebook Pages, provided individually and in limited groupings for your printing convenience. These maps are designed to accompany your studies. Tips for use are included, however no lesson text is provided.

The World Maps set offers maps in ancient and modern styles. Determine locations of countries, cities, landforms, rivers, and bodies of water in relation to the world around them. Maps are offered in a variety of ways, such as with and without labels, with and without particular borders, and with a blank title frame for you to fill in for specific projects. Create your own title such as the Crusades, The Silk Route, Barbarian Invasions, weather patterns, and much more! Modern maps contain political lines while the ancient maps are presented in physical map format. Also included are over 40 notebooking Pages to enhance your studies. Black line pages include various report forms, fact sheets, and creative ways to record information from your research. In addition there are flags and graphic icons of the countries to print in full color and place on your fact sheet.

The United States Maps set contains maps of each state, Washington DC, and over a dozen maps of American History. The state maps are offered three ways for your convenience: with labels, without labels, and in outline form. Use the labeled version for simply coloring, or have your student do their own labeling! Or, get more specific by designating areas of agriculture, locations of historic landmarks, displaying reservations, and much more. Also included are over a dozen maps pertaining to the growth and changes of the nation. From the location of various native tribes to the 13 colonies, and through the expansion of the states, these maps will offer additional helps when studying America's history.

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