Old Western Culture Year 1 Volume 4

Old Western Culture Year 1 Volume 4

The Greeks: The Philosophers

by Wesley Callihan
Publisher: Roman Roads Media
©2013, Item: 56219
Price: $56.00

Greeks: The Philosophers is the fourth and last unit of year one in the Old Western Culture curriculum. Wesley Callihan covers the most important works of Plato and Aristotle as he introduces students to the ideas that have been wrestled with by Western Civilization for over two thousand years. The texts covered in this unit include Plato’s Apology, Crito, Phaedo, Phaedrus, and Republic; and Aristotle’s Metaphysics, Ethics, and Poetics. Wesley draws from decades of teaching experience as he unpacks the concepts, dispels common misconceptions, and explains how the Christian church and society at large have been influenced by the ideas of these men—both for good and for ill.

Greeks: The Philosophers contains a full color "Course Guide and Art Notes" booklet which you will find in the front cover of the DVD case. The student workbook, Answer Key, and eTexts are available in PDF format on the Roman Roads Materials page. There you will also find e-book versions (Kindle and/or PDF) of all the assigned readings. The spiral-bound version of the Student Workbook (with Answer Key) is available for purchase below.

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