Old Western Culture Year 1 Volume 2 - Workbook

Old Western Culture Year 1 Volume 2 - Workbook

The Greeks: Drama & Lyric

Publisher: Roman Roads Media
Price: $12.00

This workbook accompanies the Great Books video course Drama and Lyric, part of the Old Western Culture series by Roman Roads Media. It includes exercises for all 12 lessons, discussion questions, and an answer key. Drama and Lyric is the second installment in The Greeks, year one of the "Old Western Culture" series.

Join Wesley Callihan as he uncovers the origins of Greek drama and guides the student through some of the earliest comedies and tragedies known to the Western world. Learn how the political backdrop of the Greco-Persian wars informs our understanding of Athenian drama, as well as the comedies of Aristophanes—one of the earliest known examples of cultural and political satire. Drama and Lyric also covers some of the lesser known poets of Ancient Greece such as Sapho and Pindar, whose works are somewhat obscure, yet nevertheless affected the writing of men like C.S. Lewis.

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