Old Western Culture Year 1 Volume 1 - Workbook

Old Western Culture Year 1 Volume 1 - Workbook

The Greeks: The Epics

by Wesley Callihan
Publisher: Roman Roads Media
1st Edition, ©2013, ISBN: 9780989702836
Consumable Workbook, 59 pages
Price: $12.00

This student workbook contains study questions for each lesson, discussion questions, a road map to additional resources, and an answer key.

"The Epics" covers the two great poems of Homer: The Iliad and the Odyssey. Join Wesley Callihan, a veteran teacher of the classics, as he guides the student through the world of Homer. In story-like fashion, he steers the reader through the plot, poetic devices, background, philosophy, history, and beauty of the poems, as well as how we should approach these monuments of Western culture from a Christian perspective.

This course doubles as a museum field trip! Throughout the history of western culture, the classics have always been the subject matter of artistic inspiration. As you study the epics of Homer, you will have the opportunity to see over a hundred exhibits, ranging from historical artifacts to famous renditions of Homeric scenes in classical painting. The DVD set includes a full-color booklet guide to the most important artwork contained in the course.

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