Old Western Culture: The Romans Volume 1

Old Western Culture: The Romans Volume 1

The Aeneid

by Wesley Callihan
Publisher: Roman Roads Media
©2014, Item: 63034
Price: $56.00

THE AENEID is the first unit of The Romans, year two in the Old Western Culture curriculum on the Great Books. This unit unpacks one the greatest classics of the West, The Aeneid of Vergil, whose impact profoundly influenced both Roman society and medieval Christianity. Wesley Callihan guides the student through the plot, poetic devices, background, philosophy, history, and aesthetics of the poem, as well as its lasting influence on Western culture and civilization. He then briefly turns to the Roman epics of Ovid, Lucretius, Lucan, and Statius.

Includes 12 lectures, a Student Workbook & Answer Key (PDF included with DVD and Streaming, physical workbook included with Bundle), a Guide to the Art booklet, 2 final exams (PDF), and the Great Book texts in digital format.

Runtime: 7 hrs, 11 min - 4 DVDs - Region 0 NTSC

Why the Aeneid mattered to the early Christians (and why it still matters to us today!) from Roman Roads Media on Vimeo.

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