Old Western Culture: The Greeks Volume 2

Old Western Culture: The Greeks Volume 2

Drama & Lyric

by Wesley Callihan
Publisher: Roman Roads Media
©2013, Item: 56217
Price: $56.00

Drama and Lyric, part 2 of Old Western Culture: The Greeks, covers the beginning of drama and some of the earliest comedies and tragedies known to the Western world. This course includes lectures on the three primary tragedians from the Ancient Greek world, Sophocles, Aeschylus, and Euripides and also one of the most famous writers of Greek comedy, Aristophanes. The course also offers an introduction to Greek lyric poetry from the same era, including passages by Pindar, Sappho, and Quintus of Smyrna. A lecture on the minor epic poetry of Hesiod is also included as a complement to part 1 of Old Western Cutlure: The Greeks, "The Epics". The course includes lectures and reading assignments given by Wesley Callihan of Schola Classical Tutorials, and comes with a corresponding workbook with study questions and other materials.

Roman Roads Reader: Drama and Lyric
Due to the variety of the selection of Greek poets and playwrights represented in this unit, Roman Roads has also published a reader that includes the selected works of 7 of the 10 authors. This reader will save the student the pain of tracking down the various assigned readings, as well as significantly cut back the cost of buying the various hard-copies. The reader is available in both paperback and e-book. The e-book is included with the purchase of the DVD as well as available (soon) on Amazon Kindle ($2.99) and iBooks (unknown price).

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