Old Testament and Ancient Egypt - Home Teacher Manual (really old)

Old Testament and Ancient Egypt - Home Teacher Manual (really old)

by Marlin Detweiler, Laurie Detweiler, Ned Bustard
Publisher: Veritas Press
1st Edition, ©1998, Publisher Catalog #000-105
Softcover Teacher Guide / Answer Key, 246 pages
Current Retail Price: $24.95
Used Price: $5.00 (1 in stock) Condition Policy

As a clearance title, THIS BOOK IS NOT RETURNABLE AND IS SOLD AS-IS (flaws, highlighting, torn covers and all). Please remember that you can purchase as many books as you like and have them all shipped for one low price of $4.95.

Read our honest review of Veritas Press History.

This is theFIRST edition, which hasnearly 250 fewer pages than the second edition. For the newer text, please click on the image at right. Thanks!

The Home Teacher Manual provides worksheets, projects/activities, and tests to go along with the cards and additional reading material. It also includes a built-in answer key, and an appendix filled with useful ideas and optional aids.

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