Old Paths New Feet

Old Paths New Feet

by Brother Down
Publisher: Bultitude Records
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Old Paths New Feet comes from the California band Brother Down. This ten-track album boasts psalms from the 1500s that the band has artfully rearranged with new instrumentation, and the results are fabulous! You can find versions of these Psalms in the Psalter/hymnal Cantus Christi.

"Brother Down represents what BULTITUDE RECORDS is all about: music with a brain."
Douglas Wilson

Old Paths New Feet contains:

  1. Why Do the Heathen Nations Vainly Rage (Psalm 2)
  2. All People That on Earth Do Dwell (Psalm 100)
  3. Let Israel Now Say in Thankfulness (Psalm 124)
  4. Chide Me, O Lord, No Longer (Psalm 6)
  5. How Long, O Lord, Wilt Thou Forget (Psalm 13)
  6. As the Hart About to Falter (Psalm 42)
  7. Thee, O God, Yes, Thee We Praise (Psalm 75)
  8. O Lord, My God, Most Earnestly (Psalm 63)
  9. Out of the Depths of Sadness (Psalm 30)
  10. My Soul Now Bless Thy Maker (Psalm 103)
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