Old-Fashioned Girl

Old-Fashioned Girl

by Louisa May Alcott, Jessie Willcox Smith (Illustrator)
Publisher: SeaWolf Press
150th Anniversary, ©2019, ISBN: 9781953649515
Print-on-demand paperback, 260 pages
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A beautiful unabridged 150th Anniversary Edition with 12 original illustrations

SeaWolf Press is proud to offer another book in its Illustrated Classics Collection. Each book in the collection contains the text, illustrations, and cover from the first or early edition.

An Old-Fashioned Girl was first serialized in 1869 and consisted of only six chapters. For the finished product, however, Alcott continued the story so it ended up with nineteen chapters in all. The book revolves around Polly Milton, the old-fashioned girl of the title, who visits her wealthy friend Fanny Shaw in the city and is overwhelmed by the fashionable and urban life they live––but also left out because of her "countrified" manners and outdated clothes.

Polly Milton had never questioned the way she was until she went to visit her friends in the city. There she finds that all the simple pleasures, pastimes, and familial love that she had taken for granted at home are quite out of fashion. Will she ever learn to be like the other girls? And does she even want to? Some times, being old-fashioned is right in style.

This version has:

  • 12 original illustrations. Don't be fooled by other versions with missing or made-up pictures.
  • Text that has been proofread to avoid errors common in other versions.
  • A beautiful cover that replicates an early edition cover.
  • The complete text in an easy-to-read font similar to the original.
  • Properly formatted text complete with correct indenting, spacing, footnotes, italics, and tables.
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