Ol' Paul the Mighty Logger

Ol' Paul the Mighty Logger

by Glen Rounds
Publisher: Holiday House
Library Binding, 94 pages
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Ten tales of Paul Bunyan including how he built the Rockies, how the rain fell up one spring, and how Paul stops a river from whistling.

From the dust jacket:

Originally published in 1936 and in print ever since, this edition of Paul Bunyan tales has new illustrations, new type, and a larger trim size.

But the stories of Ol' Paul's seemingly incredible accomplishments–the invention of logging, the straightening of the Whistling River, the building of the Rocky Mountains, to name just a few–are unchanged. Also remaining are the eyewitness descriptions of Ole, the Big Swede; Sourdough Sam, the camp cook; Johnny Inkslinger, who is said to have invented figures and bookkeeping; and Babe, the Mighty Blue Ox, the distance between whose eyes measured 171 axe handles, three small cans of tomatoes, and a plug of chewing tobacco when laid end to end.

These stories, which have been reprinted in numerous anthologies for adults as well as young readers, initially received comments such as "exceptionally successful" (Library Journal), "irresistible... readers will rejoice in this bit of genuine American folklore" (The New York Times), and "hilarious tall tales" (Dallas News).

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