Of Places - Test/Quiz Book

Of Places - Test/Quiz Book

Publisher: A Beka Books
4th Edition, ©2012, Publisher Catalog #138312
Consumable Workbook
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Reading with understanding is a key to learning! You can evaluate your child’s progress in this essential life skill with this handy resource that combines both literature tests and speed reading/comprehension quizzes in one book. The literature tests evaluate your child’s understanding through objective questions over key details and authors and through essay questions that develop his thinking skills in discerning the key details himself. Since the ability to summarize accurately and succinctly is a key writing skill useful in many applications, this gentle introduction to summarizing is valuable to your child’s scholastic development.

Each literature test is designed to be combined with its corresponding Grammar and Composition II test for one test grade. The 8 unit tests, 2 nine-weeks exams, and semester and final exams are correlated with the text Of Places Literature, 4th ed., and the Home School English 8 Curriculum/Lesson Plans, which also provides oral quizzes over various literature selections. The quizzes in the quiz and test book comprise 19 speed/comprehension quizzes (4 over a selection provided in the test book; the rest over selections from Of Places). A bonus feature is a progress chart to encourage your child to build his reading speed and comprehension. Answers and grading instructions are sold separately in the Of Places Literature Teacher Quiz/Test Key. Grade 8.


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