Of Places - Teacher Edition 2 volumes

Of Places - Teacher Edition 2 volumes

Publisher: A Beka Books
5th Edition, ©2020, Publisher Catalog #309125
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Boost your students’ understanding of literature with the wonderful teaching tools provided in Of Places Teacher Edition Volumes 1 and 2—Revised.  With excerpts from famous books such as The Legend of Sleepy Hollow, Anne of Green Gables, Little Women, and more, students will gain an understanding of people from different ages, cultures, and economic backgrounds. The spiral bound and hard cover of this book will provide ease of usage and improve classroom instruction. Simplify your preparation time and purchase this prepackaged set to foster a love of literature in your class!


  • Scope and sequence includes all units in Of Places as well as tests and speed or comprehension quizzes.
  • Teaching notes help teachers in preparing to teach stories and poems in Of Places. Included in the notes are the objectives list, introduction, summary, author information, lines to know, writing suggestions, and answers to the review sections.
  • Suggestions for Classroom procedures are included to help teachers conduct an informative and organized literature class. These suggestions cover essential parts of a literature class including the discussion, oral reading, review, assigning homework, and administering quizzes.


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