Oak's Long Shadow

Oak's Long Shadow

A Story of the Basque Sheepherders in Idaho

by Olive W. Burt, Frederick T. Chapman (Illustrator)
Publisher: John C. Winston
1st Edition, ©1952, Item: 87678
Hardcover, 240 pages
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Historical Setting: Idaho, 1870s

This is a rousing tale of Pascual, a young Basque lad who fled the tyranny of Europe to breathe the free air of America. But he left the strife of his homeland high in the French Pyrenees only to find a storm of Indian treachery ready to break over the sheep-grazing lands of his adopted state, Idaho. A series of raids on Pascual's flock pointed too clearly to Indian thievery. How he set out to solve the riddle despite threats of his harsh foreman, how he coped with ruthless cowboys, bitter rivals of the sheepherders, spice this tale with danger and suspense.

Rich with details of the colorful Basque tradition, crammed with fast-moving action, this yarn is a tribute to the proud and independent people who brought with them to the Land of the Free their ancient knowledge of sheep and wool to make it an important facet of American industry.

—From the dust jacket

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