Numbers: A First Counting Book

Numbers: A First Counting Book

by Robert Allen, Mottke Weissman (Photographer)
Library Binding, 64 pages
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A number is a way to count the things you see: one kitten, five toy cars, eight candles on a birthday cake. This book is filled with familiar things, photographed exactly the way a child sees them-in brilliant full color-so that learning to count becomes an intriguing, delightful process.

This unique counting book teaches children many fascinating things about numbers and counting-not just how to count from one to ten. It teaches basic addition, showing a child photographs of one puppy, then a second puppy, then two puppies together. It points out that numbers do not always follow each other in 1-2-3 order: six crayons may come after seven spoons, ten soldiers before three cups. And it teaches young counters not to be confused by size and arrangement: five apples in a straight line and five apples in a circle both add up to five apples.

With its marvelous color photographs and its lively text, Numbers will beguile the youngest mathematician.

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