NPR Listener's Encyclopedia of Classical Music

NPR Listener's Encyclopedia of Classical Music

by Ted Libbey
Publisher: Workman Publishing
Trade Paperback, 980 pages
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A complete education in classical music, written with verve and wit. No music lover can pick up this one-volume compendium without becoming a more knowledgeable, discerning listener.

• The sonata form revealed, and why it's been deeply satisfying for three centuries. • What to listen for in Brahms, a self-described Classicist who was one of music's great innovators.

• Pizzicato, fioritura, parlando, glissando.

• The transformative power of Toscanini–who earned more conducting the New York Philharmonic than his contemporary Babe Ruth made with the Yankees.

• And throughout, more than 2,000 recommended recordings

*Note:  The online sample library is no longer active.

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