Not Your Mother's Weeknight Cooking

Quick and Easy Wholesome Homemade Dinners

by Beth Hensperger
Perfectbound, 309 pages
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Not Your Mother's guide to quick and wholesome meals, prepared in 30 minutes or less. Weeknight dinners that rock! No disrespect to Mom, but award winning author Beth Hensperger has gone her one better with this collection of fast, wholesome, tasty weeknight meals that updates the classics and offers dozens of new classics-in-the-making. From Chicken Pot Pie to Spicy Chicken with Cilantro and Mushrooms, from Horseradish Meatloaf to Lamb Curry with Apples and Apricots, from Scampi to Fabulous Fish Tacos, Not Your Mother's Weeknight Cooking makes it easy to prepare and enjoy delicious food any night of the week.

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