North Star Books

  1. Great Days of Whaling, by Henry Beetle Hough
  2. Gold in California, by Paul I. Wellman  
  3. Young Thomas Edison, by Sterling North
  4. Sailing the Seven Seas, by Mary Ellen Chase
  5. The Trail to Santa Fe, by David Lavender
  6. Riders of the Pony Express, by Ralph Moody
  7. Washington and the Revolution, by Lynn Montross
  8. Thoreau of Walden Pond, by Sterling North
  9. Around the World with Nellie Bly, by Emily Hahn
  10. Indian Wars and Warriors (East), by Paul I. Wellman
  11. Indian Wars and Warriors (West), by Paul I. Wellman
  12. Donald McKay and the Clipper Ships, by Mary Ellen Chase
  13. Ticonderoga: The Story of a Fort, by Bruce Lancaster
  14. Jenny Lind Sang Here, by Bernardine Kielty
  15. Lafayette in America, by André Maurois
  16. The Birth of Texas, by William Weber Johnson
  17. Down the Colorado with Major Powell, by James Ramsey Ullman
  18. Captured by the Mohawks, by Sterling North
  19. Washington Irving, by Anya Seton
  20. The First Northwest Passage, by Walter O'Meara     
  21. Robert E. Lee, by Jonathan Daniels                   
  22. Melville in the South Pacific, by Henry Beetle Hough
  23. The Battle of Lake Erie, by F. Van Wyck Mason
  24. Mark Twain and the River, by Sterling North
  25. Muir of the Mountains, by William O. Douglas
  26. Wells Fargo, by Ralph Moody  
  27. Race to the Golden Spike, by Paul I. Wellman 
  28. The Fishing Fleets of New England, by Mary Ellen Chase  
  29. The Adventures of Lewis and Clark, byJohn Bakeless
  30. The Battles for New Orleans, by F. Van Wyck Mason
  31. The First Steamboat on the Mississippi, by Sterling North    
  32. Jessie Benton Fremont a.k.a. Jessie Benton Fremont: California Pioneer Higgins, Marguerite    
  33. The Mayo Brothers, by Helen Clapesattle
  34. The United States Marines, by William Marshall Miller
  35. American Horses, by Ralph Moody    
  36. Thomas Jefferson: The Making of a President, by John Dos Passos
  37. The Greatest Cattle Drive, by Paul I. Wellman 
  38. The Battle for Quebec, by F. Van Wyck Mason
  39.  Louisa May Alcott, by Helen Waite Papashvily  
  40. Our National Heritage, by Mario Pei     
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Donald McKay and the Clipper Ships
from Houghton Mifflin
for 5th-9th grade
in Vintage History & Biographies (Location: VIN-HIS)