North American Indian Burial Customs

North American Indian Burial Customs

by Dr. H. C. Yarrow, V. LaMonte Smith Ph.D. (Editor)
First Edition, ©1988, ISBN: 9780943604176
Trade Paperback, 90 pages
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Edited by Dr. V. LaMonte (Monte) Smith, this informative and interesting book was written for the Smithsonian Institute, Bureau of Ethnology, in 1879 while Dr. Yarrow was Acting Assistant Surgeon General of the United States.

Based on all available primary sources and personal research by physicians in the field, the book describes and illustrates in detail all of the mortuary customs from inhumatio, embalmment or mummification, urn burial, surface burial, cremation, aerial sepulture, aquatic burial and all of the ceremonies pertaining to these practices. There are many footnotes, an editor's preface and an extensive index.

The mortuary customs of all of the major Indian Nations are explored and described in great detail and with first-hand authority. Of import is that the contributors are very candid about any personal bias; a refreshing change from the position of contemporary social scientists with their claim of "objectivity" and emotional distance.

This book will be invaluable to anyone interested in the traditions and culture of the American Indian. Well researched, well written and fascinating reading. 47 historical illustrations.

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