Norsemen in the West

Norsemen in the West

Or, America Before Columbus

by R. M. Ballantyne
Publisher: Vision Forum
Library Binding, 392 pages
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In this tale of adventure and evangelism, R. M. Ballantyne faithfully delivers the well known facts of the Icelandic Saga, stories of exploration and adventure, blessed marriage, miscommunication with indigenous people and thereafter peace—all sprinkled with delightful and humorous stories of day-to-day life surrounding the first European groundbreaking in America. The Norsemen in the West or America Before Columbus, carries the reader back in time nearly a thousand years, to the days of Leif Ericsson and the early settlements of the seafaring Norsemen. R.M. Ballantyne takes the reader from Greenland into a plentiful land of lush forests, crystal clear lakes and rivers and abundant fish and game.

As America is being introduced to its newest settlers, those settlers are being introduced to the Truth found in the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Many of the most important decisions made by the leaders of the settlement are influenced by this Truth as it begins to take root in their hearts. The Norsemen in the West offers the best elements of a frontier story: adventure, battle, redemption and peace.

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