Noah's Ark: Thinking Outside the Box

Noah's Ark: Thinking Outside the Box


by Tim Lovett, Ken Ham, John C. Whitcomb
Publisher: Answers in Genesis
©2007, Item: 61408
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Did Noah's ark look like a tub with a house on top or a majestic, expansive sea-going vessel even dwarfing many ships built after it? We've all seen the cartoony pictures of an ark crowded with animal heads, but is that what it was really like? And more importantly, is that the image we want to be putting in our children's heads? Tim Lovett has a passion for the ark of Noah, and a desire to popularize an accurate version of how it looked, how it was built, its viability as an actual seacraft, and what it means to believe in the ark as presented in the Bible.

Lovett is a naval expert and mechanical engineer who has built and tested different models of the ark to determine which would be optimal for surviving a world-wide flood. By applying building techniques that could have been available in Noah's day and by using the 'blueprints' provided by God Himself, he illustrates - in word and picture - what it would be like if one had the task of constructing a structure that would be big enough to hold at least two of every kind of animal (and a year's worth of food for each), but also sufficiently strong, stable, and comfortable. Astonishingly, the biblical dimensions are similar to those still used today on modern cargo ships.

Whether you have doubts about the existence of the ark or whether you believe it but would like particulars about how it could have been built, Noah's Ark: Thinking Outside the Box will answer your questions about one of the best-known parts of the Bible, and one that figures into modern debates about biblical beginnings.

Length: 24 minutes

Ages: 12 and up

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