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If you're surprised to open this page and find no Bibles, we're sorry! Though we are able and willing to special-order NIV Bibles, we have decided against carrying this translation. 

Others have written more thorough histories of the NIV, and some of these links can be found on the sidebar. The long and the short of it is this. The NIV that a lot of evangelicals grew up with and find familiar is the 1984 NIV, which we have no problem with. In 2005, Biblica released a revised and updated translation of their NIV New Testament, known as Today's NIV. This revision caused a bit of an uproar for switching to gender neutral language, and altering a few verses here and there. The Old Testament revision was finished and combined with the Today's NIV to become the 2011 NIV. The 1984 NIV is no longer being published.

We don't believe there's some big conspiracy here. Biblica is not wicked, just misguided. In an effort to make the Bible readable or relatable to today's audiences, they end up messing with the meaning of some fairly obvious scriptural references, and obscuring some of the Messianic prophecies to boot. We can't recommend this Bible for any serious study or daily reading, and we advise its use only as a comparison Bible, if at all.

If you're looking for a readable modern version, we recommend the ESV, the NASB, or the NKJV translation.

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