by Hans Christian Andersen, Stephen Mitchell, Bagram Ibatoulline (illustrator)
Publisher: Candlewick Press
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The Emperor of China lives in the most marvelous palace in the world, made completely of porcelain, and his garden is full of the rarest flowers. Yet lovelier than all, say visitors to his realm, is the song of the nightingale in the forest by the sea

The Emperor has never heard this nightingale, and even his courtiers, searching far and wide, cannot find her. It takes a gentle kitchen maid, true of heart, to draw the humble nightingale to court. The Emperor is enchanted by the bird's sweet song - until a bejeweled version with a mechanical tune arrives. Will the mighty ruler learn too late the value of what is simple and genuine?

Hans Christian Andersen's beloved story was written in 1844. Graceful and alive to the tale's rich humor, Stephen Mitchell's retelling is paired with exquisite paintings by Bagram Ibatoulline. The result is a timeless edition of a treasured classic.

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