Autumn 2015: Sales & Announcements

October has arrived! Here at Exodus, that means we enjoy what has become an annual tradition—a break from purchasing used books for the month. As we said in a Facebook post last year:

"We will stop / cease / pause / desist / cutoff / end / freeze / take a break from / pull the plug on / bring to a screeching halt ALL used book buying for the month of October. We really need a break and we have lots of other things we want to work on."

It's true again this year. Though we managed to complete several projects in the last few months...

  • We launched the mobile-ready version of the website
  • We reorganized and installed new signage throughout the store
  • Lauren completed the Caldecott reviews
  • Emily completed ALL the category banners throughout the site (a project which has been in the works for 4+ years!)
  • We ran our third annual Outside of a Dog Summer Reading Program (in which nearly 750 kids read over 17,000 books!)
  • We reprinted our first published book, Discovering Oregon

...we've left quite a few things undone. And they can't wait forever. 

THANK YOU for understanding! 

Though WE are not buying books, you are certainly free to purchase them from us! Below are some specials we are offering during October, discounts from 10-25% off. We've chosen these sales primarily thinking of all the kids who earned gift certificates from our reading program this summer. But keep in mind: our BIG fiction and game sale starts in November!