New Treasure Seekers

New Treasure Seekers

by E. Nesbit
Publisher: Living Book Press
Print-on-demand paperback, 230 pages
Price: $10.99

The Bastable children are at it again! If you’ve enjoyed their adventures trying to make a fortune in The Treasure Seekers, and wanting to be seen as ‘good’ in The Wouldbegoods then you won’t want to miss this collection of stories that take place before, and after the earlier books.

Once again the best intentions of the Bastable children don’t go according to plan as they get up to all sorts of adventures, like trying to recover their dog, pretending to be a fortune teller, trying to create an Adoring Public for Albert’s uncle, and many more.

A final few stories featuring the Bastables can be found in Oswald Bastable and Others, available now from Living Book Press.

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