New Testament Overview Level 4 - Student

New Testament Overview Level 4 - Student

A Chronological Study of the Major Characters & Events of the New Testament

Stick Figuring Through the Bible
by Dianna Wiebe
Publisher: Grapevine Studies
Consumable Workbook, 216 pages
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Level 4 New Testament Overview Student

Teen and adult students willincrease their knowledge of the Old Testament using this chronological Bible curriculum. Students will learn to use a Bible Concordance, Topical Bible, and Bible Dictionary. They will build on their knowledge of the New Testament timeline by learning where the books of the Bible fit in chronologically. Students will learn about the Nativity, the ministry of Jesus, the early Church, and much more. Help your students master the Gospel and the use of Bible study tools by starting this curriculum today!
50 WeeklyLessons or 175 Daily Lessons

Student Book: The Level 4 student book has everything your student will need: lessons pages, timelines, Bible study tool pages, memory verses, and reviews. 208 pages.

Student Supply List: Bible, Grapevine Studies student book, index cards, and colored pencils.
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