New Syllabus Math 1 - Textbook

New Syllabus Math 1 - Textbook

Publisher: Shinglee Publishers
6th Edition, ©2007, Publisher Catalog #NSMT1
Softcover Textbook, 420 pages
Current Retail Price: $35.00

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New Syllabus Mathematics 6th Edition (authors - Teh Keng Seng, Loh Cheng Yee; consultant - Dr Yeap Ban Har) is a series of four textbooks. This title covers the Syllabus for Secondary Mathematics implemented from 2007 by the Ministry of Education, Singapore. The whole series covers the complete syllabus for the Singapore-Cambridge GCE 'O' Level Mathematics.

The sixth edition of New Syllabus Mathematics retains the goals and objectives of the previous edition, but has been revised to meet the requests of users of the fifth edition and to keep materials up-to-date as well as to give students a better understanding of the contents.

All topics are comprehensively dealt with to give students a firm grounding in the subject. Explanations of concepts and principles are concise and written in clear language with supportive illustrations and examples. Examples and exercises have been carefully graded to aid students in progressing within and beyond each level. Those exercises marked with a * either require more thinking or involve more calculations.

Numerous revision exercises are provided at appropriate intervals to enable students to recapitulate what they have learnt.

Some interesting features of this series include the following:

  • An interesting introduction at the beginning of each chapter complete with photographs or graphics.
  • Brief specific instructional objectives for each chapter.
  • Just for fun arouses the students' interests in studying mathematics.
  • Thinking Time encourages students to think creatively and go even deeper into the topics.
  • Exploration provides opportunities for students to learn actively and independently
  • For your information provides extra information on mathematicians, mathematical history and events etc.
  • Problem Solving Tips provide suggestions to help students in their thinking processes. They also introduce problem solving heuristics and strategies systemically throughout the series.
  • Your Attention alerts students to misconceptions.

Above is an extract from the preface of the New Syllabus Mathematics (reproduced with the permission of the publishers).

Answer keys are in the back of the textbook.

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