New Elementary Mathematics 1 - Teacher Manual

New Elementary Mathematics 1 - Teacher Manual

by Wong Khoon Yoong (Editor), Sin Kwai Meng
Softcover Teacher Guide / Answer Key, 62 pages
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This Teacher Manual is designed to help teachers work with the New Elementary Mathematics 1 Textbook. It contains a scheme of work with a weekly schedule listing the objectives of each lesson. It includes the answers to the Class Activities, along with occasional notes which explain the purpose of the activity and provide teaching tips. It also has answers, teaching suggestions and detailed step-by-step solutions to the problems in the Challenger, Problem Solving and Investigation sections. These solutions often include alternate solutions and suggestions to the teacher for follow-up activities. The solutions for the Problem Solving sections also include the strategy and thinking skills needed to solve the problem.

Main differences between a Teacher's Guide and Teacher's Manual:

  • The textbook is not reproduced in the manual (thus it is smaller and much cheaper than the guide).
  • The manual contains a scheme of work which is not found in the teacher guide

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