New Christian Charm Course - Student Book

New Christian Charm Course - Student Book

by Llyn Hunter
Publisher: Harvest House
Consumable Workbook, 80 pages
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Eminently practical, Christian Charm Courseis designed to help Christian teen girls ensure their inner sufficiency in Christ is adequately displayed by their outward appearance and behavior....and vice versa. Designed by Emily Hunter (co-author of Man in Demand, a similar program for teenage boys), girls learn the essentials of personal hygiene, proper dress, healthy diet and exercise, and what to look for in a man, as well as ways to improve one's daily walk with God and prayer life, and how to avoid sin.

This is a black and white consumable text with charts for marking progress and pages for taking notes. A supplementary teacher's book simply goes into greater depth on each point presented in the student's book and offers suggestions for object lessons and actually teaching the material. With an attentive parent or teacher, the teacher's book could easily be dispensed with and together instructor and student could complete the coursework in the student's book. It is not recommended that girls complete the text by themselves, however, since guidance is a key element in the program.

Because it was initially published in 1967, some of the material will seem outdated, particularly the sections on dress and hair style. Yet it's surprising how contemporary Hunter's suggested wardrobe looks at the same time—the only real difference is that it is much more modest and feminine than the clothes commonly worn by girls today. Most of this book presents truly timeless advice and information, and genuinely good guidance for Christian girls looking to become virtuous and attractive Christian women.

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