Never Before in History

Never Before in History

America's Inspired Birth

by Gary Amos, Richard Gardiner
Hardcover, 213 pages
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Greek, Roman and Enlightenment philosophers had an important role in shaping American political ideals. But a closer analysis shows that Christianity's role in the American founding was profound, giving rise to our political ideals of religious liberty, inalienable rights, and secular reform.

This book chronicles the founding of the Nation and all within an essential theological framework so often excluded from secular accounts. In the Foreword, Thomas G. West accurately remarks, "...this book demonstrates that if religion is banned from the public life of the nation, America's history and traditions are unintelligible." And this is precisely what has happened in the educational life of the Nation. Tens of millions of public school graduates are illiterate regarding our Nation's great history and traditions. Explanations of history by public educators often focus on economics and thus the flow of historical events becomes nonsensical. While written by men sympathetic to the Reformed tradition, the account does not whitewash the shortcomings of Puritanism.

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