Naya Nuki

Naya Nuki

Shoshoni Girl Who Ran

by Kenneth Thomasma
Publisher: Baker Books
Trade Paperback, 175 pages
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Historical Setting: 19th Century North America

Naya Nuki was only eleven when she was taken captive by a rival Indian tribe. She and her best friend, Sacajawea, were forced to march 1000 miles from Montana to a North Dakota Indian village, where Naya Nuki became a slave. Escape and reunion with her Shoshoni people was the only thing on Naya Nuki's mind. She secretly began to prepare for her escape along the Missouri River. All during the long march east she had been watching for landmarks and hiding places. Finally the opportunity to run away came. Naya Nuki traveled alone in the wilderness for more than a month. Her journey presents an amazing story of danger, courage and survival skills.


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