Navigating History: Egypt - Curriculum Bundle

Navigating History: Egypt - Curriculum Bundle

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Ancient Egypt, the mysterious land of mummies, Pharaohs, jackal-headed gods, pyramids, and God's mighty wonders. Its culture has captured the imagination of the world for more than 4000 years... but Navigating History: Egypt will show you the Egypt you have never seen before. Discover the people and worldviews behind the mummy wrappings and hieroglyphs. Understand not only what Egypt was, but why it was, and what it has become. Master the ideas that ruled its society, religion, and government... and still haunt ours today. Learn how three of the world’s most powerful ideologies – ancient paganism, Christianity, and Islam–have built and rebuilt Egypt throughout the millennia.

This vibrant, image-rich crash-course in history, culture, and worldview takes students on a journey through Egypt's story, from Mizraim to Moses to Mark to Muhammad to Mubarak. Exploring language, government, art, technology, archeology, creation and evolution, theology, the early church, jihad, Shariah law, and much more, Navigating History: Egypt provides the worldview tools to analyze not just Egypt, but any culture, from a Biblical perspective.

In the exciting DVD set, the Navigating History team takes you on a visually stunning tour inside pyramids, mosques, and museums, through deserts, crowded Cairo streets, and Londonistan. Six half-hour episodes on three DVDs, including behind-the-scenes commentary, 24 video featurettes, the original soundtrack by Benjamin Botkin, and much more. The 220-page book gives a thorough overview of Egyptian history and culture, with stunning images, maps, and charts. It includes study questions as well as recommendations for more in-depth reading and can be used as a companion to the DVD episodes. The glossy, fully-illustrated 39" wide timeline charts the progress of the notable events and ideas in Egypt's history, placing people and dates into clear context. The chart contains the most up-to-date connection of Egyptian history to the biblical record as well as other historical records. This curriculum package is perfect for students, whole families, history buffs, or anyone who wants to master the ideas that have mastered the ancient and modern world.

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