Herders, Weavers, and Silversmiths

by Sonia Bleeker, Patricia Boodell (Illustrator)
©1958, Item: 86781
Hardcover, 159 pages
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Slim Runner watched hopefully as two fire swallowers plunged burning sticks into their open  mouths. Perhaps their courage would drive out the evil that had entered his body. This was the climax of the Blessingway Ceremony, which, the Navajo believe, will cure a person of his illness. But Slim Runner was not cured, and his parents sent him to the white man's hospital. During the lonely months there, the thirteen-year-old boy worked on his beloved paintings, and when he returned home everyone agreed that he had a great gift. But Slim Runner could not help his family by painting pictures, and he had to decided between his dreams and his responsibilities.

On their modern reservation in the Southwest, pickup trucks and up-to-date trading posts exist side by side with the ancient art of sand painting and the sacred myths of magic and supernatural things. Miss Bleeker tells Slim Runner's story against a rich and authentic background of Navajo history and customs, and Patricia Boodell's fine illustrations help to make the setting come alive.

–From the dust jacket

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