Nature Explorers Journal

Nature Explorers Journal

by Amy Atkins
Perfectbound, 391 pages
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Nature Study awakens the minds of even the smallest of children. It invokes a curiosity that leaves us wanting more. It enlightens us to the connection that all pieces of the environment have with one another. There is no age limit to nature study as even the smallest hands naturally grab the flowers and fruits that it brings forth. This journal is best when it works along your favorite Nature Study Handbook, particularly inspired by Anna Comstock's work.

Each section has:
Cover page to color, if desired.
Intro page to that category
Page of questions to ponder while studying, observing, and journaling
Several copies of a draw, observe, write, and mark journaling page

These are the sections as ordered:
1. Contents
2. How to Use
3. Nature Study Supply List
4. Let's Study You
5. Birds
6. Fish
7. Amphibians
8. Reptiles
9. Mammals
10. Insects
11. Other Invertebrates
12. Flowers
13. Trees
14. Plants
15. Waters
16. Soil
17. Rocks & Minerals
18. Weather & Clouds
19. The Skies (night and day)
20. Glossary

Colored pencils work best for this paper so be sure to carry some along inside your nature study backpack.

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