Nathan's Story

Nathan's Story

by Michael McHugh
Hardcover, 47 pages
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Many years ago, a prophet in ancient Israel by the name of Nathan told a touching story to King David in order to help him to see just how far he had strayed from his duty to love his neighbor. The book entitledNathan’s Story, is based upon the timeless message that was given by the prophet, and is designed to provide young children with a clear understanding of what it means to love ones’ neighbor.

This hardbound, beautifully illustrated book will not only entertain youngsters, but will teach them about the importance of respecting the property of others. It will also warn children of the dangers that are associated with greed, coveting, and selfishness.

More than ever, children need to be exposed to uplifting literature that can help them to develop into compassionate and caring servants of the Lord Jesus Christ. The book,Nathan’s Story,was written with this goal in mind.

This 48-page full-color book includes a helpful group of teaching suggestions, andis recommended for children ages 3-7.

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